This is the Website of the Oxford University Anthropological Society.

First founded in 1909, the OUAS is among the oldest societies of Oxford, founded for the discussion of human cultures, communities, and structures. We're a student-run society with the purpose to promote an interest in anthropology and support students and researchers in their work.

The OUAS is an academic society of anthropology, but its debates extend beyond degrees and discourse. Historians, mathematicians, and psychologists all have much to contribute to anthropology, and their presence in the society is not only desirable but necessary. The OUAS is also a society for anthropologists: a meeting place for the passionate, curious, and confused, to study, chat, and drink together over the impracticality of subfusc as well as theories of ritual.

We host academic events relating to the scientific study of anthropology and its various subdisciplines and social events seeking to bring together students of anthropology.


Our Michaelmas 23 Termcard has now been released:




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